Ark Lancer Pro Review

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I have a soft spot for a good performing fishing rod that doesn’t bust anyone’s budget. So I’m always looking for a $79 to $99 rod that will do a bunch of things in bass fishing well. One brand that is really making strides in this arena is Ark Rods. Their Lancer was a great budget rod at $79 and the Lancer Pro built on that to offer a lot more functionality and high end performance without having to ask a high-end price.

Good blanks

The Ark Rods Lancer Pro starts with a quality Japanese Toray 40-ton high modulus carbon fiber blank that utilizes Ark Rods exclusive MDML technology to create a lighter, stronger and more sensitive rod at a more affordable price point.

Dense EVA grips

I really like the grips on the Lancer Pro. It features custom molded high density EVA foam grips that keep the weight down on the rod while making for a very comfortable grip, even in wet or cold conditions. The styling of the grey on grey gives this rod a modern look while still feeling like you can power fish through any type of cover without worry.

Coated Stainless Micro Guides

The guides on the Ark Rods Lancer Pro incorporate stainless steel frames coated with smooth aluminum oxide inserts and a zirconium tip. The guides are strong and allow this rod to take some serious abuse on the water or in the back of the truck.

8 Casting and 3 Spinning

There are 8 casting models and 3 spinning models in the Ark Rods Lancer Pro lineup. My favorite is easily the 7-foot, 3-inch Mag Medium Heavy casting rod. This is a workhorse rod that can do a lot of things well. I’ve fished 3/4 ounce spinnerbaits on it, swimbaits on it, jigs on it, frogs, toads and more. But my favorite technique with this rod has been a swim jig.

I can skip jigs under cover, swim jigs through cover and horse fish out of wood and grass with ease on this rod. I’ve flipped with it a bunch too without issue. It has just enough tip to sling a jig into a tight spot but a ton of backbone to hit fish hard and wind them in or ski them over the top of cover.

Quality performance at budget price

The Ark Rods Lancer Pro is a dynamite rod at the $99 price point. You can afford to have several of these rods for your power stuff. I love budget rods like the Lancer Pro for fishing techniques like swim jigs, topwaters, pitching fliipping jigs, dragging plastics and football jigs offshore and throwing soft plastic swimbaits out deep like a 5-inch Basstrix or a 6-inch Scottsboro on a 3/4 or 1-ounce head. Techniques where I want to hit a fish hard and wind them in around and through cover.

A do-it-all fishing rod

I horsed a lot of fish in from March to August on my Lancer Pro rods. I caught fish on Stanley Top Toads, Berkley Swim Jigs, Zoom Frogs and Jewel Gem Shads and Strike King Rage Swimmers with the same Lancer Pro Mag Medium Heavy rod.

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