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Amphibia Depthcharge Sunglasses Review

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses is like choosing the right pair of shoes. Each person has their own preference—they have to fit correctly and what works for one may not work for another. I recently got introduced to a new sunglass company called Amphibia and after hearing of their reputation for comfort, clarity and weightlessness, I decided to order a pair and see what the hype was all about.

I’ve been wearing the Amphibia Depthcharge Sunglasses for several weeks and I am totally impressed by them. There are four things in particular I’ve really enjoyed about these shades:

  • Great lenses
  • Durable, comfortable frames
  • They float
  • Great aesthetics

Outstanding lens quality

The lenses of the Amphibia Depthcharge Sunglasses have excellent clarity that was evident from the first time I put them on. They feature 100-percent medical-grade polarization, which has drastically reduced my eye fatigue while on the water. I haven’t experienced any type of distortion and colors are very natural-looking through the lenses.

I’ve also realized that the 2-millimeter thick polarized polycarbonate lenses repel water. Whether there are residual water droplets coming from my trolling motor going down the lake or a light rain, these lenses don’t spot. As a result, I haven’t had to stop fishing one time to clean smudges or spots from the lenses.

Amphibia also designed these shades with an anti-scratch coating, so you can use them for all kinds of recreational activities without worry of ruining your investment. If you like to ride four-wheelers or hunt on the weekends, these are a great option.

I’m a mono-vision contact wearer, so many types of sunglasses hinder my vision to the point where I cannot wear them. These lenses, however, worked great with my contacts and did not mess with my depth perception at all.

The frames hold up and feel great

Amphibia used TR-90 polymers and high silicone rubber in the Depthcharge Sunglasses—basically, this means that they’re made to last and extremely comfortable.

Although they’re durable, these sunglasses are actually fairly light for such a high-end model. I’ve been able to wear them for entire days without even noticing them. They don’t feel heavy on your face and they don’t have any creaks or pops when folded and unfolded like many sunglasses do.

I’ve been really impressed by the comfort these sunglasses have provided me. Even in wet conditions, they don’t slip on your nose—they actually fit a bit better when the nose piece was damp. In addition, I haven’t experience any ear fatigue, which many anglers are familiar with. Most sunglasses fit tightly above the ears but after a few short hours can give you a massive headache. They fit snugly, but not too tight whatsoever.

They float

It took me a while to gather the courage to dump my brand new sunglasses in the lake, but it was really cool when I did—the Amphibia Depthcharge Sunglasses float perfectly on the water’s surface.

If you don’t like to wear sunglass straps, you’ll really like these sunglasses. If you’re bending over to lip a bass or working on spur of the moment repairs on the water, you don’t have to worry about taking your sunglasses off first. You can do whatever you want to without any worry of losing your new sunglasses in the lake. Peace of mind is a very valuable trait on the water and these shades give me just that.

Great aesthetics

I’m the “old guy” at Wired2Fish and I can remember how goofy some of the older fishing sunglasses used to look. Complete with tortoise shell frames and an obnoxious yellow tint, they were as large as a pair of fit-overs for Harry Caray.

The Amphibia Depthcharge sunglasses look great. I’m old school and look for functionality more than looks, but these are definitely slick-looking. Whether I’m on a date with my wife or on the water, they seem to fit the occasion well.

In my opinion, the Amphibia Depthcharge sunglasses have been even better than advertised. They’re priced at $148.99, which is a very fair price for the number of features they come with. I believe you’ll be very impressed with them, too.

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