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Plano 5 Tier Shelf Review

A bass angler’s affinity for “stuff†is something that most non-fishermen have a hard time understanding. One rod, reel, crankbait or bag of soft plastics is never enough. Whether it’s due to our inability to pass on a local tackle shop’s monthly sale or a fear of running out of our favorite baits when tournament day rolls around, we all have a little pack rat inside of us.

My love of tackle collecting recently came to a head. I had limited space in my office and I was tired of tripping over fishing gear when I came to work in the mornings. After getting a few Plano 5 Tier Shelf units, I consider them an outstanding investment for fellow anglers.

Won’t bend or break

Fishing equipment can be quite heavy. I like to keep a backup supply of two-cycle engine oil, terminal tackle and boat detailing supplies, but was having a hard time finding shelves that would hold up without bending, bowing out or even cracking.

The Plano 5 Tier Shelf is made of structural polymer resin and holds up to 200 pounds on each shelf, which adds up to 1,000 pounds per unit. Those numbers sounded a bit high to me initially, so I put it to the test. I piled as much fishing equipment as possible on each shelf and sure enough, each shelf held up perfectly.

In addition to its ability to hold hundreds of pounds, the Plano 5 Tier Shelf is safe. I’ve had shelving in the past that became very top-heavy when loaded with gear and simply walking past it would cause it to sway. With pets or children around, that’s a recipe for disaster.

These shelves, however, stay in place and don’t even come close to tipping over. I can jump up and down right next to them and tug on the top tier without any wobbling whatsoever. They also come with wall mounting cups to further increase stability if needed.

Assemble in minutes

More times than not, when you hear the phrase “additional assembly requiredâ€, you’re in for hours of irritating work and incoherent directions. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case with these shelving units. I was really impressed by how quickly I was able to assemble my Plano 5 Tier Shelf units.


I simply organized all of the shelf platforms in the same direction, put the poles in the bottom shelf and kept adding shelves until I was done. I got pretty good at it, with the last unit taking me one minute and 45 seconds to assemble. The poles are easy to insert into the shelves and “snap†when they are securely in place.


Without any supplies loaded onto the Plano 5 Tier Shelf units, they are extremely light. It doesn’t seem like it would matter, but as we all know, every man cave is under constant construction. Whether you need to rearrange your garage to fit your spouse’s new car or your kid’s new bike, it’s not an issue. Simply unload the shelves and slide the shelves into their new position. You don’t have to call a buddy or break your back—if this skinny kid can do it, you can too.

Interlock units for a uniform look


If you have a big wall that can accommodate some new shelving, the Plano 5 Tier Shelf is an excellent choice. Each unit has the ability to interlock to another, so you can clip them together to give the appearance of a single, flush shelving unit. I’m pretty anal about having everything lined up and looking professional, so I really enjoy this feature. I may not have the fanciest office or garage, but it sure does look good.

Save time when rigging fishing gear


Before I got the Plano 5 Tier Shelf units, I was always running around like a crazy person on the nights before guide trips and tournaments. I could never find the right line boxes, my spare oil, my extra flipping hooks or my tools. Not only was it frustrating, but it also made it hard for me to focus on the next day of fishing.

These shelves have introduced a lot more order into my fishing regimen. I know where everything is, so I can grab it off my shelves and throw it into my boat. Gone are my days of relying on my girlfriend to tell me where I put things—I can be rigged up and ready to go in under an hour.

If you’re like me and love collecting fishing tackle, check out the Plano 5 Tier Shelf units. They’re stable, easy to assemble, lightweight and a practical storage solution for avid anglers.

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