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Abu Garcia Winch Casting Rod Review


There isn’t a fishing trip that goes by where I don’t throw a treble-hooked lure for hours at a time. Everybody has their confidence techniques in bass fishing and the large majority of mine revolve around treble hooks. Whether I’m throwing a handmade balsa bait, a squarebill or a deep-diving plug, I have six rods on my front deck totally dedicated to treble-hooked lures each time I put my boat in the water.

With my affinity for these kinds of lures comes a bit of frustration when trying to find suitable fishing rods. There aren’t a whole lot of rods out there that are specifically designed for treble hooks but I finally found one that fits the bill. The affordable price point makes it even better.

I’ve been able to test the newest generation of Abu Garcia Winch Casting Rods lately. They have proven to be quite impressive and they’re an absolute joy to use when you’re using treble-hooked lures. I’ll explain what I’ve enjoyed the most about this particular line of rods.