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Why Skip Swimbaits for Bass in Bushes

Bass see an onslaught of traditional vertical flipping and pitching presentations in shallow cover, but see swimbaits passing by less often. Jacob Wheeler explains and demonstrates how a paddle tail swimbait rigged on a weedless jig head is an excellent presentation when skipped into pockets or lanes in bushes and grass.

For Wheeler, tournament success at the top levels has often been a result of showing pressured or finicky bass something new. Pockets or lanes in woody cover give bass ample ambush opportunities for darting baitfish like bluegill and shad – a swimbait rigged on a brush guard jig head has a lot of natural appeal and can outperform vertically presented ‘lift and fall’ presentations. With a little practice, you’ll be skipping this style of bait into places others don’t dare while reaping their missed rewards.