Why You Should Choose Floating Jerkbaits for Bass in Shallow Cover

Wired2fish Video Producer Ryan DeChaine shares his thoughts on how effective a shallow floating jerkbait like the Rapala Original Floater can be for bass holding on shallow cover that is a lot harder to fish with modern baits that sink or suspend. With this setup, anglers can let the bait float up over real shallow branches or stalks of grass and then work the bait back down into the cover to get to those fish on the edges that other baits will hang or completely miss. 

He demonstrates how powerful these classic jerkbaits are for fishing summer streams where you need to be precise with your casts but also able to fish a lure 1 foot deep or a few feet deep depending on how the terrain changes or a new piece of cover like a laydown tree presents specific targets that could hold a bass. 

Great use of electronics in this piece as well as tips the spinning rod aficionados will enjoy. Also, as referenced in the video, here’s a link to a video on how to fish the Tiny Child Rig for river smallmouth applications

Fishing Gear Used:

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