Summer Bass Fishing with Plastic Worms on the Tokyo Rig

Big plastic worms have been putting fish in the boat for decades, especially when it comes to summertime bass fishing. Wired2fish Field Editor Mitch Anderson explains how he uses his electronics to target main lake structure with a Tokyo Rig and a ribbon tail worm. When it comes to plastic worms, the rigging possibilities are endless. Anderson prefers to throw a big worm on a Tokyo Rig due to its versatility and unique way of presenting a proven fishing lure.

While fishing main lake structure, often, there is a spot on the spot. Anderson uses his electronics to locate specific grass clumps where groups of fish are holding. Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging allows him to make precise casts while keeping the boat off of the cover. Knowing exactly where the target is allows you to make accurate casts and cover water faster.

Fishing gear used in this video:

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