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VLOG #2 | Fishing for Spotted Bass on Bridges

Big spotted bass are some of the coolest bass anglers can catch. Catching the big ones can be tough, however, as there are often a lot of smaller spotted bass that are more willing to bite, especially in summer. A lot of those smaller spotted bass will position high in the water column and chase bait around and will be more visibly active. But a lot of the bigger ones are there too, and often, you just have to get a little deeper and change to a presentation that matches how they are feeding. In this video, Jason shares his tips on scanning for fish around bridges, relations to shade, baits like small swimbaits and drop shots as well as spy baits and how he works them and then talks about being aware of the forage and how the fish are feeding in the area and trying to match that, especially in clear water.

As a bonus, Sealock dropped a camera down on a Phil Hunt Custom Lures “W” Glide glide bait to give us a look at what exactly was swimming around those bridge pilings. Some pretty amazing and eye-opening stuff for anglers.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it in our forums! 

Tackle used in this video: