How to Target River Grassline Bass With Swimbaits

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River grass beds are often smallmouth bass magnets during the summer months for the simple fact that they hold piles of baitfish. Kyle Peterson drives this point home with multiple fish catches off current-swept grasslines using a hard-thumping paddle tail swimbait. It’s a classic ‘match the hatch’ technique that works pretty much everywhere.

Key to the tactic is selecting a bait that provides abundant body roll and tail thumb, especially in waters with reduced visibility. While a straight retrieve allows you to cover water in a hurry, periodically killing the bait and letting it swim to the bottom transforms the horizontal minnow imitator into a jig – this often produces additional bites in high-percentage areas.

Lastly, Kyle shares why he opts for straight braid (#staightbraid) and a medium-light power spinning rod. This system is easy to fish, affordable and consistency produces bites for beginners to advanced anglers.