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Tips for Targeting Grassline Bass With Spinnerbaits

Schools of bass consolidate along outer grasslines (aka weedline) as water temperatures rise toward their peak in mid-summer. Spinnerbaits perform well in these conditions as they allow you to quickly cover water, fish a range of depths and mimic a plethora of baitfish.

Wired2Fish staff member McKeon Roberts shares some pointers on targeting outer grassline bass using spinnerbaits. The trick here is to make long parallel casts and vary the speed and depth of your retrieve. Bass lying in ambush along grass edges have a hard time resisting the baitfish-imitating blades and skirted body of a tandem spinnerbait.

McKeon hits on the importance of varying retrieve speed and working the bait as a triggering mechanism and why he prefers a moderate gear ratio casting reel for working blades along deeper edges.