Where to Target Reservoir Bass Around the Spawn

Skylar Hamilton discusses why laydown trees and bushes leading into spawning pockets are the best places to target bass approaching the spawn and why a jig and trailer is his favorite presentation for this situation.

Spring bass location is driven by water temperature. As Hamilton notes, bass don’t blast to the back of a spawning pocket in a single day. It’s a gradual progression much like a road trip, with laydowns being prime wayside rests for prespawn and post spawn bass (coming and going). Not all laydowns are created equal, however. Hamilton notes how nature’s cues can often pinpoint the best areas in spawning pockets.

The ever-versatile jig and trailer is his go-to bait for flipping and pitching lead-in/out banks. Skylar shares his preferred rod, reel and line setup for fishing a jig around this shallow woody cover.


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