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Weedless Swimbait Tips for Skinny Water Bass

Bass anglers have many lure options for targeting shallow water bass, but few moving baits perform as well as a weedless swimbait around grass. Wired2Fish’s McKeon “Keys” Roberts takes his pedal kayak for a ride around a small town lake and discovers bass are scattered across grass flats and even buried in shoreline cattails and bullrushes. He chooses a weedless-rigged swimbait to cover water quickly and mimic baitfish — the weedless swimbait hook and streamlined paddletail swimbait fishes clean across grass flats and also through dense stands of shoreline vegetation.


Keys stresses the need to make targeted casts to any discernable cover like emerging lily pads, laydowns, or pockets in shoreline cattails. He details his rod and reel setup, stressing the importance of using a powerful rod and a reel spooled with straight braid for getting solid hooksets with beefy hooks and from a seated position.