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Square Bill Crankbaits: Early Spring Bass Tips

A squarebill has proven to be one of the more effective lures for spring bass fishing and anytime bass are shallow around cover. While a crankbait does have treble hooks, square-billed crankbaits have a unique way of guiding the lure through cover. You can snap it off weeds, the square lip helps it climb over wood cover like limbs and branches on a laydown and its buoyant nature will keep it free of the cover but enable you to make contact that often gets a bass’s attention and triggers a reaction. 


Field Editor, Kyle Peterson, got on a good largemouth bass bite early this spring and shares his tips on hitting the cover and not being afraid to fish it up in the stuff where a bass feels safe and secure. He uses the Yo-Zuri 3DB Squarebill crankbait to pluck a bunch of fat prespawn bass from dead pad stems, laydown logs and more. Some great tips and fish catches in this one!