Master Mat Punching for Bass with These Fishing Tips

Greg Hackney puts on a bass fishing clinic punching mats for bass. He talks about the effect of cold fronts on spring bass and how he modifies working the bait, his choice of bait, color, weights he likes, and how he approaches the mat for maximum efficiency. This is an amazing tutorial on how to target bass related to dense vegetation especially during a tough bite and make the most of the conditions to catch more bass.

He pitches on a Strike King Rodent most of the time, using the lightest weight he can get to penetrate the mat, in this case a 3/4-ounce Strike King Tactical Tungsten weight on 65-pound braid and a Lew’s 7-foot, 6-inch Heavy power Custom Plus Speed Stick which has the parabolic bend he looks for in a good punching rod. When he gets a bite in a good looking mat, he Power-Poles down and goes to work often catching multiple bass through the same spot in the mat as he demonstrates in this video.

Tackle used in this video:

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