2 Crankbait Strategies for Prespawn Bass

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Gerald Swindle loves cranking up prespawn largemouth bass on Alabama’s Lake Guntersville. He took a few lucky Wired2fish staffers on a comedy tour boat ride with a sideshow on how he employs a combination of lipless and squarebill crankbaits to find and trigger bass staging on deeper grass flats.

Crankbaits allow GMAN to quickly comb expansive prespawn flats and find pockets of fish, but he doesn’t treat these lure as straight retrieve baits. He explains the importance of fishing lipless crankbaits like a jig, but with some nuances. Doing so is an excellent way to increase your catch rate and average size. He also leverages squarebill crankbaits as a mop-up bait or alternative presentation depending on the mood of the fish.