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How to Swim Worms for Springtime Bass

Swimming a worm is an overlooked power fishing technique, but a dominant presentation when used correctly. Florida bass fishing hammer Jessie Mizell shares some excellent tips on when and how to swim a worm when searching for bass at all stages of the spawn or anytime they’re in shallow water for that matter.


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Large flats with scattered cover are prime areas to swim a worm. Burning a worm with a cut tail delivers both subtle, yet clear presence through flash and water displacement while quickly eliminating dead water in search of bass. Being that it’s a Texas-rigged worm, you can immediately fish it with flipping and pitching methods when you contact bass or come across key cover elements. Mizell also shares a surefire tip for converting trailing bass into biters.

A high-speed reel and slightly longer medium-heavy rod supports long casts and optimal leverage. When it comes to line, he prefers straight fluorocarbon in clear water and braid when fishing dirty water.