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How to Junk Fish Your Way to a Bass Fishing Pattern

Stephen Browning grew up a river rat, fishing up and down the Arkansas River. With tough fishing, comes a seasoned approach to finding scattered fish quickly with a multitude of presentations and techniques. He has mastered the art of using junk fishing to hone in on a solid tournament bass fishing pattern. He will start in an area he thinks is productive and begin fishing each and every part of the area with the lures (tools) he thinks best fits each scenario as his moves through. He likes baits like Chatterbaits, lipless crankbaits, crankbaits, jigs and shaky heads to be able to pick through the area and determine if the most active fish are deep or shallow or on one piece of cover like wood or something else like grass.

He demonstrates in this video how he starts out on a new lake to figure out quickly which presentation the fish like best and where they seem to be concentrated.

Fishing Tackle Used: