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How to Damiki Rig Spring Bass with KVD

Out of all the spring bass tactics, casting a Damiki rig isn’t the first to pop into the minds of most bass anglers. Kevin VanDam (KVD) changes that in this innovative prespawn video by combining the power of forward-facing sonar with the erratic minnow-imitating action of a Damiki rig.

KVD locates staging prespawn bass pushing bait up to the surface in creek arms. Rather than blind casting, he makes precise casts to individual fish and triggers them into biting with a shad-imitating Damiki rig. MEGA Live reveals the precise distance and direction of the fish in real-time, allowing him to put the bait on their nose and make presentation adjustments based on their response.


The Damiki rig is easy to see and track on live sonar and darts and dances like a jerkbait with the pop of a rod — a proven fish-triggering action in the spring. For KVD, combing MEGA Live with MEGA 360 Imaging is the ultimate in situational awareness. He uses 360 Imaging to locate key structure and cover, then scans with MEGA Live to find fish.

Lastly, he details his jig, plastic, and full rod setup for Damiki rigging. Simply adjust your head and line size based on the depth of water you’re fishing.