Spring Fishing Tips

How Spinnerbaits Excel for Springtime Cold Front Bass

How Spinnerbaits Excel for Springtime Cold Front Bass

Springtime cold fronts are notorious for slowing the bite and repositioning prespawn bass around their spawning haunts. Bassmaster Classic Champion Davy Hite instructs how to find bass in these conditions and why a spinnerbait is often the best bait in your box.

Davy stresses that spinnerbaits allow him to cover water quickly and find fish – this is key as bass often move to new areas of varying depth (usually deeper) and cover. Tandem spinnerbaits with bigger blades work excellently with slow to medium retrieve speeds and allow for plenty of experimentation.

Be sure to take notes about the cover, depth and water temperature where your first fish comes from. This info serves as a starting point to establishing a locational pattern that can be replicated through the lake. Don’t stay at home because the weather gets nasty! Tough spring conditions can produce your biggest bites of the year, and this how-to info will help.


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