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Flipping a Jig for Prespawn Bass

Bass fishing docks with jigs is a tried and true technique throughout the entire year, but it can be especially productive throughout the prespawn period. Anytime the water temperatures are between 50 and 60 degrees, you can expect largemouth to start leaving their cold-weather haunts and begin moving towards their eventual spawning grounds. South-facing small pockets-commonly referred to as short pockets are often the first places you’ll find shallow bass in the prespawn. These pockets are normally in close proximity to deep water, leaving the bass with a very short distance to travel.


Docks in these short pockets are hotspots throughout the prespawn. Bass will use them as staging areas and they have a tough time passing up a well-placed jig. If you practice enough, you’ll be able to skip your jigs underneath these boat docks and you’ll often find the bass in the deepest, darkest shade. When the conditions get tough during the awkward prespawn transition, make certain you’re skipping boat docks in short pockets. It can turn your day around in a