16-pound Bass Caught in Texas

Well folks, this is the time of year when huge catches start popping up in many parts of the country. The big female bass are full of eggs and as they prepare to spawn, they’re looking to fill their bellies. We just got word of a giant 16.4-pound bass caught by Joe McKay on O.H. Ivie Lake in Texas. If you’re not familiar with O.H. Ivie, it’s a reservoir on the Colorado and Concho Rivers located 55 miles east of San Angelo, Texas. It was constructed in 1990 and covers over 19,000 acres.

We are reaching out to McKay to get the details on his catch including the bait, tackle and technique used. We’ll update this piece as soon as we receive that information. In the mean time, here are some pictures to check out and get your blood pumping!

The bass of a lifetime for Joe McKay

Look at that belly!

Weighed at Elm Creek R.V. & Campgrounds on a certified scale

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