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Bass Fishing After a Rain: Huge Bass on Early Spring Runoff

Fishing for bass after a warmer than average rain in the late winter and early spring can be one of the best ways to find big bass and a huge limit of bass shallow early in the year. We’ve had some of our best late winter and early spring days fishing after a warm runoff, as it adds not only warmer water but color to the system causing big bass to push up into shallow water.


This often leads to newly flooded cover which makes a spinnerbait a perfect choice for this unique situation to catch big bass. Ott DeFoe shares a bunch of great tips and big fish catches on his first time out with the new Terminator P1 Pro Series Double Willow Spinnerbait fishing this scenario. A willow leaf spinnerbait is often his first choice in fishing these runoffs in shallow water with rock and wood cover.

Here’s another great late winter / early spring spinnerbait video!