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DUO Realis Wriggle Stick Review

One of the newest JDM baits to hit the United States bass fishing market is the DUO Realis Wriggle Stick. This lure is similar to a traditional soft stick bait, however it features a unique action unlike other baits in its category.  DUO Realis achieves this one of a kind action thanks to its oval shaped cross sections that give this bait an intense wiggling action. This bait shines in a variety of finesse applications, however it can be used for anything from Neko rigging to pitching and flipping. 


Duo Realis Wriggle Stick


The Duo Realis Wriggle Stick is an extremely versatile soft stick bait that can be fished in a variety of ways. The oval shaped cross sections on this lure allow for a rapid wiggling action not seen in traditional stick baits. This lure also features a high density plastic that allows for increased casting distance and a faster fall rate. It also makes a great option for a variety of weightless techniques. 

One of my favorite methods for fishing this bait is wacky rigged. This style of rigging allows for maximum action and a slower, more natural rate of fall. This bait comes in a 3 and 4-inch version, as well as a variety of different color options. The DUO Realis Wriggle Stick also features DUO’s famous shrimp scent, adding an extra layer of attraction to an already affective bait. This bait does a great job at getting fish to commit in high pressure scenarios, and I’ve noticed a few specific applications where this bait really excels.

Duo Realis Wriggle Stick


Much like traditional stick baits, this lure is great for a wide variety of rigging techniques. While this bait is primarily meant to be weightless, it also makes a great option for both Texas and Carolina rigs. One of my favorite ways to fish the DUO Realis Wriggle Stick is flipping it around shallow cover on a light Texas rig. The thick body on this bait allows for easy rigging with a typical worm hook, and is great for pitching in and around thick cover. 

Another rigging technique I like to implement with this bait is a weightless Texas rig. This style of rigging allows you to fish this bait around heavy cover with a weightless presentation. Ive found this method works best around shallow cover such as docks, laydowns and rock banks. Not only is this style of rigging extremely weedless, but it allows you to skip the bait under overhands, docks and other hard to reach areas.

Wriggle Stick Bass


After fishing with the DUO Realis Wriggle Stick for a few months, I’ve got a good grasp on how I like to fish this bait. I wasn’t able to get my hands on this lure until last fall, so I’ve really focused on its cold water applications. One of my most notable trips using the Wriggle Stick was on Fort Loudon Lake in Knoxville, Tennessee. This was a cold December day where I was targeting boulders in 5 to 10 feet of water on red clay banks. I could see that smallmouth were congregating around these shallow boulders on forward facing sonar, however I was having trouble getting them to commit to my jerkbait. 

I later transitioned over to a weightless 3-inch Wriggle Stick on a 3/0 Hayabusa WRM114 Hook and started pitching it around these boulders. I could watch the smallmouth follow my bait slowly down to the bottom on forward facing sonar. Once my bait touched the bottom, a smallmouth would be on almost instantaneously. It is my belief that this slower fall rate and unique action is what got these fish to commit, especially after seeing how they reacted to a moving bait. We ended up catching multiple smallmouth and largemouth that day on the Wriggle Stick, and I really credit our success to slowing down with a weightless style bait.

The DUO Realis Wriggle Stick is a great choice for a variety of weighted and weightless applications. DUO Realis was able to draw inspiration for a traditional stick bait, while adding their own unique twist on this already productive style of lure. The dense material used throughout this bait allows for increased casting distance and a natural rate of fall. The oval shaped cross sections provide a unique action never before seen in traditional stick baits. If your looking for a new take on a popular style of lure, the DUO Realis Wriggle Stick is worth a look.