Duo Realis Versa Pintail 3.0 Review

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Small fluke style baits have been all the rage over the last several months. Tournaments such as the most recent Bassmaster Elite events on Lake Fork and Toledo Bend were dominated with this style of lure. Anglers all over the country are grabbing up as many as possible with the hopes of capitalizing on this productive technique. These baits are quickly becoming hard to find, especially ones from Japan. One of my favorite JDM minnow style baits that has quickly gained popularity in the United States is the Versa Pintail 3.0 from Duo Realis. 

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Duo Japan recently introduced the Versa Pintail to the United States market, a finesse soft plastic perfect for jig and minnow applications. This bait features a heavy weighted material in the lower half of the body, allowing the bait to keel correctly and not blow out regardless of the retrieval speed. The Versa Pintail also features a tapered tail and flat body leading to an intense rolling action. Additionally, the tapering tail delivers a subtle action during low-speed retrieves. This bait features a back slit allowing for optimal hook placement whether you’re using a jig head or weedless style hook. This bait measures 3 inches in length and comes in a variety of unique colors. Perfect for a variety of finesse application, the Versa Pintail 3.0 will coax even the most finicky fish into biting.


I’ve had the pleasure of using this bait in a variety of finesse applications, and I’ve found a few rigging methods that perform well. Two of my favorites include a traditional ball head jig, and nose hooked on a drop shot. I’ve spent the last few weeks testing this bait on the Coosa River, and I’ve had a lot of success targeting suspended spotted bass. This scenario is where the ball head jig method really shines. As seen in the recent Major League Fishing Redcrest Championship, Dustin Connell dominated on Lay Lake using this technique. Given the baits smaller profile, I prefer a light wire hook with a tungsten head. One of my favorite swimbait heads for this bait is the Owner Range Roller Jig Head.

Another rigging method I’ve enjoyed using is nose hooking this bait on a drop shot. This is a great option for targeting fish that are relating to the bottom. Often times spotted bass will group up on the bottom around ledges and humps in search of forage. The rolling action and subtle tail wag of this bait is perfect for enticing hungry spotted bass feeding on smaller baitfish. Nose hooking the Versa Pintail 3.0 is a great way to get these fish to react. Rigging the Versa Shad on a nose hook allows the bait to achieve its full action, giving fish a very natural presentation. I typically use the Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hooks when practicing this method. I’ll pair this with anything from 8 to 12-pound fluorocarbon leader, making sure to subtly twitch the rod as I retrieve the bait back to the boat. While these rigging methods are both slightly different, I still use the same setup whenever I’m throwing the Versa Pintail 3.0.


When throwing the Versa Pintail 3.0, I like to pair it with a medium action spinning rod that features a parabolic tip. I also prefer a 3000 sized reel with 10-pound brain connected to a fluorocarbon leader. One great braided line option for this finesse technique is the Berkley X5 Braided Fishing Line. I generally like a shorter rod for increased casting accuracy at specific fish. One of my favorites is the 7-foot medium-action Shimano Expride B Spinning Rod. This rod blends both sensitivity and lightweight components to make a perfect pairing with the Duo Realis Versa Pintail. 

For a reel, I generally stick with a larger spool size in order to increase my retrieval speed. Often times when casting at suspended fish you have to quickly retrieve your bait in order to adjust your cast. The larger reel size gives you more control over your bait which I think really helps with casting efficiency. One great spinning reel option for this technique is the Daiwa Tatula MQ LT in the 3000 size. This reel offers a smooth drag paired with a high gear ratio making it an ideal option for fishing the Versa Pintail 3.0.

After spending the last several weeks testing out the Vera Pintail from Duo Realis, I can safely say this bait accomplishes everything I want out of a small soft body fluke. This bait features a unique swimming action and pronounced roll, while also delivering a sleek baitfish profile. These baits have been all the rage recently, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they quickly become hard to find. If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve and expand your jig and minnow portfolio, I recommend checking out the Versa Pintail 3.0 from Duo Realis.

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