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34 of the Biggest State Record Largemouth Bass


We’ve covered a lot of the stater record bass in the last 10 years and whenever we get a new report we go back and look at the old records, records from nearby states and more. But it was interesting that there isn’t a place where you can go look at a all the state record largemouth bass. So I thought it would be cool to aggregate photos of the records from every state. While we weren’t able to get all 49 state’s records (Alaska doesn’t have bass), I got most of them through a lot of digging and compiling.

I love to see big bass. And it’s interesting to see what weights hold the records in each state and how diverse the bass are in various states. The photos we were able to dig up on more than 2/3 of the states were pretty eye opening and interesting. It would be very cool to see the back story on some of these older catches and what tricked the state’s record fish into biting. Interesting to see folks from all different walks of life representing state records in largemouth bass fishing around the country. We’ve included links to the stories of the catches where we could as well as their place in the state record book. If you see a state we’re missing and know where we can find the picture of that state record, let us know and we’ll get them added. We just wanted a cool resource for bass fishing folks to go to get motivated to hunt a record in their state.