Smallmouth x Largemouth Hybrid Bass Certified as World Record by IGFA

We reported back in March that Wyatt Frankens had caught the Texas state record smallmouth/largemouth hybrid bass out of O.H. Ivie. He submitted paperwork in March, and yesterday, he received his certification from the IGFA that his catch is indeed the new world record for smallmouth x largemouth hybrid bass.

Frankens shared the news last night on his Facebook page.

Officially Official ?

IGFA All-Tackle World Record

7lb 9oz Smallmouth x Largemouth

OH Ivie Reservoir

His 7.60-pound smallmouth/largemouth hybrid bass caught on Mar. 1, 2021 on a Megabass Magdraft Freestyle on a 3/4-ounce Jenko Long Shank Swimbait Head. Tissue samples from the bass were collected by Texas Parks and Wildlife and biologists confirmed that the bass was indeed a smallmouth/largemouth hybrid.

See more pictures below. Read the original story of his record catch here​.

Full shot of world record smallmouth x largemouth hybrid

Good Belly weight

Wyatt Frankens World Record Smallmouth x Largemouth Hybrid Bass

IGFA World Record Certification Letter

IGFA World Record Certificate

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