World-Record Redear Sunfish Caught

This time of year gives anglers an opportunity to catch all kinds of different species in shallow water. One of the most exciting bites going on right now is actually the sunfish bite as they’re in the middle of their annual spawning process in many parts of the country.

We see a lot of big fish in the spring months but this particular fish has absolutely dropped our jaws. Screenshots of the catch immediately started circulating within the Wired2fish editorial team.

While fishing on Lake Havasu in Arizona, angler Thomas Farchione of Waterford, Wisconsin caught the pending world-record redear sunfish today. The monster fish weighed 6.30 pounds with a 17-inch length and a 20-inch girth. According to a Facebook post, Farchione caught the possible record on a live nightcrawler on a drop shot rig.

A 5.80-pound redear sunfish caught in 2014 is the current world record until Farchione’s record is certified and made official. That fish was also caught from Lake Havasu.

6.30 pounds

17 inches long with a 20-inch girth

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