Angler Sets State Record with Giant Crappie

62-year-old Roy Isaac is the proud owner of the New York state record white crappie after catching a monster specimen from Sleepy Hollow Lake in Greene County, N.Y.

Although Sleepy Hollow Lake is located within a private residential community, Isaac had permission to fish from the boat docks because his friend lives in the community. While fishing recently with his 14-year-old son, Isaac’s ultralight shiner and split-shot rig was eaten in 25 feet of water by what he thought was a bass. When the fish came to surface, however, he quickly realized it was a record-caliber white crappie. He quickly dropped his fishing rod onto the dock and grabbed the fish with his hands.

The white crappie weighed 4 pounds, 7 ounces and measured 19 inches long. It was weighed on a certified scale at a nearby fruit and vegetable market and later certified and made official by the New York DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation). 

Issac joked to David Figura of when he said, “All my buddies love me to death and I’m always talking trash on the lake. That’s what makes it fun. They’re saying they’re going to have to refer to me now as Mr. Record Holder.”

Congratulations on the awesome catch, Roy! We’re so glad you’re having fun with it and that your son was able to experience it with you.