The Quest

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Dateline:  Somewhere waits

It is my quest to find out why I am here.

A city boy, upfield.

The outside has turned me, inside out, and I want, need to find out why.  So during my travels, if I see someone with a line in the water, I’m going to stop, and listen to their story, and learn from them, about me.

Find out,

why we fish,

why we go outside,

and where, the outside really lives.

Because I need to know, why I came outside, and stayed.

Against all odds.

“Keep your eyes on the goal”

I’ve always wondered how I would begin my last story.

Long, boring prose.

Or simple to the point.



This, will be my final story.

The Quest.

It is my quest to find out why I am here.

And when I find out why it is I’m here,

I will leave.

Happy to have been here.

Happy to leave.

Because when I go, I will know you, and you will know me.

And through that, I will know myself.

“then the prize you won’t fail”

I have learned so much,

but know so little.

From you.

About you.

For the past 30 years I have been a moth journalist.

Following the glitz.

Drawn to the spotlights.

But on the days when the lights are dim, I’m going to come looking for you.

If you have a line in the water.

If you have the outside, within.

If you,



We need to talk.

To sit on the bank.

To lean on the bridge rail.

To wade in the shallow rocks.

And I will listen to your why, in the hopes I find my why.


Why I am here.

And why you are there.

With a line in the water.

With the wind in your hair.

With the outside in your soul.

And I do this for two reasons,

there would be no 100, without the 40-million.

Every cast the greats make, can be traced back to you.

Their dreams, are your dreams. Your love, the same as theirs.

And two.

For Huck.

For the Huck on the couch.

For the Huck who stays inside.

For the Huck that was me.

I figure, if you open your heart.

If I open my heart to what’s going on inside.

And the Huck on the couch reads it.

He, or she, will know, it’s okay,

to come outside.

And put a line in the water.

And dreams,

in their heart.

“that’s your grail

that’s your grail.”

Find Your Grail

Monty Python’s


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