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Tears and Laughter in the Universe


I don’t want to be a clown.

I don’t want to be Oprah.

I just want to be a writer.

Tears and Laughter in the Universe.

I am so happy to be here, and yet, I am so sad to be here.  I’m not so sure if it bothers you but it bothers me, to be a hypocrite, which I am.

I write about love and the family, while leaving the family I love to do so.  Not sure I’ll ever be able to afford to get my wife Barb out on the road with me, and life is too short to live six months a year, alone, heartbroken.

Tears and Laughter in the Universe.

I have a plan to stop planning, if I follow my non-planning plan and just let life happen, I will come close to being a writer.

If I plan and then follow the plan, I will become branded.

db as a clown, db as Oprah.

Tears and Laughter in the Universe.

I think the best part about writing about life, is the ability to be comfortable and just let life happen.  When you go out looking for a story, you miss all the stories that happen naturally.  Stories that are there, whether you are or not.

True life.

My beat is,  Something This Way Comes.

Tears and Laughter in the Universe.

I’m writing this so that you know I don’t search out stories of tears, or stories of laughter, I just allow for any kind of stories to this way come.  It has been a streak of tears as it should be in this time, in this place, on this earth, in this universe.

I am not a voice of what is going on, I’m a mirror of what’s going on.  When you cry, I cry, when you laugh, I laugh.  I feel best when I can watch and write about you, so that you can read and see yourself.

Now I’m telling you all this because you are about to become part of an experiment, both on this site here, and over there on that other site Bassmaster dot com. where I’m PLANNING to call it something profound like….Hangin’.  Cause that’s my PLAN, just hang around and pay attention instead of just hanging around and, you know, napping.

You going to be planned.

I am going to try and plan, my non-planning, plan.  I’m warning you beforehand like, planning and me are not the best of friends, and it has been my historic observation of being me made by me that when I try and go against the universe and try and make something this way comes instead of letting something this way comes…my arse ends up getting fired.

Just saying.

Let it be on the record that I don’t want to actually do it, but that my mortgage company and Toyota Financial Services has strongly advised me otherwise.

So, my attitude about planning and attempts to being branded can be summed up in one word that my Mother would be sticking a full bar of Ivory soap in my mouth for saying, but she is not presently with us anymore, except always yelling at me in my mind, but y’all Unique Visitor Hits should know I’m…


Tighten up whatever holds you in because when I get this Ivory Soap taste in my mouth, you never know what I will spit out.

On this here site we are going to start a PLANNED thing called, Breakfast with db…which in itself is bad planning since I very rarely even eat BREAKFAST, a tiny point that the W2F Wizards who want me to do this have missed entirely….Todd.

Here’s what Breakfast (that I don’t normally eat) with db will be about:  I don’t rightly know.  Mainly because I haven’t not had the breakfast I don’t usually have yet but when I do, do what I normally don’t do it will be about all the weird stuff that happens to me and around me even though my entire goal in life is to be left alone unless you are a Unique Visit and then I want to hug you.

So the first of these Breakfast with db things may go up soon, if I decide to eat something this morning, or after hearing what I’m supposed to be trying to do…PLAN…may just fire up the Margarita maker early and crank up the Rolling Stones while toasting my eventual career demise.

But should I eat something look for the first Breakfast with db to be called, I Get All The Fruit I Need In a Jelly Donut.

I don’t want to be a clown.

I don’t want to be Oprah.

I just want to be a writer.

Tears and Laughter in the Universe.