Snell or Palomar Knot with Flipping Hooks? | Palaniuk’s Conclusion

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Wired2fish caught up with Brandon Palaniuk to revisit his thoughts on using a snell knot versus the Palomar knot when Texas-rigging with straight-shanked flipping hooks. His position has shifted since our original To Snell or Not to Snell video, and he explains how to decide on the best knot based on individual fishing styles and situations.


Palaniuk has continually sought knowledge about snelling from some of the nation’s best heavy cover anglers and has concluded that snelling leads to better hookups with braid and heavy tungsten IF you use the correct hook setting method. He explains how he’s adjusted his hookset, now relying more on the rod and line to drive the hook home (tight line versus slack line).

On the other hand, Palaniuk chooses the Palomar knot when fishing with fluorocarbon. Due to line stretch, fast and hard hooksets are the norm to drive hooks home. In this situation, the freedom of movement afforded by the Palomar knot leads to more consistent hookups.