How Adaptability Leads to Angling Success

We always glean interesting fishing insights when filming with Florida-based professional bass angler Keith Carson. Aside from an excellent tip for catching big spawning female bass, he also delves into a philosophical discussion on the importance of being open-minded and willing to adapt on the fly.


A quality fish catch prompts a tip on the importance of determining bass sex after a catch during the spring spawning season. If it’s a male, then there’s usually a female nearby, and you need to get your bait back in the vicinity of the bite immediately.

Carson then segways into a discussion about reading the mood of each fish and fishery as unique and different – “every lake is a world of its own.” For example, bass in Lake Hartwell are apt to chase bait, sometimes great distances, as pelagic herring are a primary forage. In contrast, bass are often close-quarter ambush predators in lakes dominated by bluegills and cover-oriented minnows – flipping and pitching may work better. Different lures and techniques excel in different environments.

Bottom line, your success as an angler will be determined in part by your ability to read nature’s cues and adjust your tactics to the situation. Don’t be afraid to give up on what you’re doing completely – the faster you make changes, the better you’ll often do.

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