A Couple Fishing Books for the New Year

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I’ve recently completed two books I’ve been starting and stopping and otherwise putting off reading related to fishing. The fact is, reading fishing books seems to be very tedious for me because I spend every waking moment writing, editing, shooting video or editing video related to fishing. While most folks think of writing like a homework assignment, for a writer, reading can be the same chore. But I recently finished two fishing books anglers might enjoy reading that are a bit different than other bass fishing books I’ve read over the years. The two books were Personal Best: Fishing and Life by Kurt Mazurek and Why We Fish by Robert Montgomery.

Personal Best: Fishing and Life

This new book, Personal Best: Fishing and Life from Kurt Mazurek is actually a fictional story about a tournament bass angler striving to get better at tournament fishing. I really thought the idea of a bass fishing tournament angler in a fiction story really wasn’t going to work for me. Most folks that read fishing books are looking to be taught something. This fictional story actually focuses a lot on the mental parts of fishing and includes a lot of tips from Rick Clunn as well as other more subtle references like the power of black in plastics a la Gary Klein.

The story focuses on a character William Buckner who folks all insist on calling Bill Buckner, an infamous connection to a errant baseball player that the protagonist really would rather avoid. Buckner struggled early on in tournament fishing with his regular partner, and brother-in-law Doug. He talks of how he met his wife, Trixie, and the role marriage and a supportive family plays in an aspiring tournament angler’s life. It talks of heavy hitters and good tournament sticks like, Cam, in this story. It talks about the mental focus and roll of confidence in fishing.

I found it interesting and a new perspective on a bass fishing book. I read it cover to cover in several hours the other night at my in-laws and was pleasantly surprised with the story, the ending and the subtleties and relatable circumstances that anyone who has spent any time tournament fishing will easily infer and relate. We also like the references to books we’ve read and recommend for fishermen before like Knowing Bass by Dr. Keith Jones.

Who will like this fishing book: Anglers more interested in the mental side of successful tournament bass fishing, stories from Rick Clunn and a story they can easily relate to in quick and easily readable format.

Where to find the fishing book: You can find this book at personalbestfishingandlife.com and also at Amazon.com.

Why We Fish

In Why We Fish, Robert Montgomery tackles the age old question of what it is that draws us in and connects us eternally to the sport of fishing, particularly bass fishing. He delves into what it is that lured him in (pun intended) and what keeps him coming back for more. But he also taps the resources of some very well known anglers like Jimmy Houston among many others to get their take on what it is they love about fishing and what it is that gave them a life long passion for it.

The books is not a how-to book at all but more of an expose on what the allure of fishing is. It’s a collection of stories and experiences in the form of various fishing trips that strive to answer what it is that connects us all in the love of the sport.

Who will like this fishing book: Anglers who love the beauty and poetic romance of the love affair between the fish and the pursuit.

Where to find the fishing book: The book is available on Amazon.com and whywefish.info.