Zoom Adds Brush Craw to Line-Up

Zoom Bait Company initiated the creature bait craze with the still-popular Brush Hog, and now the company has once again redefined the genre by taking that proven shape and adding a slight tweak. The new Brush Craws, available in two sizes, place crawfish claws where the rear curly tails formerly resided, combining two proven designs into one sleek package.

“It just adds a little bit more action without taking anything away from that Brush Hog shape,” said two-time Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Buddy Gross. “They’re bigger appendages, so there’s more bulk for those times when the fish are attracted to a more aggressive action.”

Gross envisions himself pitching it into heavy Florida grass behind a tungsten weight, as well as Carolina Rigging it on offshore ledges and shell beds. He’s also fishing it on the back of a jig, or even a magnum shakey head. The possibilities are almost limitless.

“It just creates tons of action,” he added. “It’ll let the bass know it’s there. That can be a huge advantage.”

The Brush Craw and the Baby Brush Craw, which are 5.5” and 4” long, respectively, come in packs of 8 and 12. They are available in 10 proven colors, including various shades of green pumpkin and watermelon, along with dirty water staples like black sapphire and junebug.

View all colors on the Zoom site of the brush craw and baby brush craw.

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