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X Zone Lures 3-inch Stealth Invader Releasing at the Bassmaster Classic

X Zone Lures will be releasing a new and highly innovative bait this year at the Bassmaster Classic called the Stealth Invader. Realistic modeling and an innovative inverted paddle tail designed to kick at both the slowest and the highest of speeds, make this bait a sure winner! Versatility marks this bait and will provide anglers the ability to fish it with the following techniques:

Drop Shot
Ned Rig
Damiki Rig
Ball Head
Finesse Jig Trailer
Small Swimbait Head

Using X Zone Lures’ blend of high-quality ingredients in this bait allows it to stay horizontal in the water column for drop-shot presentations and keeps the tail of the bait off the lake floor in bottom-contact presentations. X Zone Lures’ commitment to using “no cheap fillers” in their formulations gives this bait the vivid colors that X Zone Lures is known for.

Designed with input from X Zone Lures top pros Brandon Palaniuk, Carl Jocumsen and Cooper Gallant, this bait truly pro driven. It will be releasing March 24, 2023 at the Bassmaster Classic.