Wired2Fish Wallpapers for Mobile Devices

Several folks showed us how they had the Wired2Fish logo on their cell phones, tablets, computer backgrounds and more. So we figured maybe we’d give you all a few to show off to your friends how much you love fishing. It’s not our brand. It’s your brand. It’s the brand for everyone who loves fishing and is proud to tell folks they love fishing. It’s a pride thing. A passion thing. So fly your flag with pride!

We made them in several different colors and sizes to fit various screen sizes.  

Thanks for making us part of your daily fishing routine! Right click on these images and click Save As to save them to your desktop. You can email them to yourself and open the emails on your mobile device. On your iphone just press and hold the image until it gives you the option to save it. Then go into the image and click on it and choose set as wallpaper or background.  


Bass Fishing Hall of Fame logo
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