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Vicious Vision Offers Two More Lens Colors

Vicious Vision just introduced two new lens colors to aid visual acuity during low light conditions. They now offer Yellow Moss and Blaze Orange that enhance vision and depth perception when low light times exist, like early morning, late evening and overcast days.

The Yellow Moss lens has benefits over traditional straight yellow that includes a hint of green that keeps the lens from blowing out images as light improves. Anglers and bow fishermen both have been impressed with the ability to identify fish and structure even when light is not the best.

The Blaze Orange lens was introduced with the hunter in mind for low light conditions as well but also provides extra light in dim conditions and more sharpness and better depth perception, as well.

All Vicious Vision Glasses come with a hard case and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. You can learn more about all of their line-up at