Gluszek Hosts Shallow Water Tactics Class on Bass

Looking  to further improve your shallow water bass fishing skills?   The Bass University TV’s new shallow water tactics class will help you take the next step toward catching more big bass in shallow water situations.   Pete Gluszek, “The Dean” of The Bass University, shares his experience with new cutting-edge techniques and classic bass fishing tactics that have been winning tour level tournaments for decades  He  describes techniques for both finesse and power fishing situations with crankbaits, vibrating jigs, spinnerbaits and plastics.   Another of Pete’s best techniques for fishing around shallow cover is fishing with a Carolina rig, which has become a lost art in his opinion. Pete will walk you through every aspect needed to become more successful with one of bass fishing’s oldest and most reliable techniques. He explains the correct tackle, retrieves, bait selection and much more for each shallow water technique.

Preview Video:

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