Umbrella Rig Fishing for Fall Smallmouth

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Join Wired2fish staffer Kobie Koenig on a beautiful fall day as he heads out to explore Canadian shield waters. In the North country, as the temperatures drop, smallmouth bass tend to gather around their deep wintering holes, where mimicking baitfish with lures like an umbrella rig are the key to success. Koenig is on a mission to find packs of smallmouth lurking in deeper waters before they transition into winter mode.

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Koenig demonstrates the effectiveness of fishing an umbrella rig (Alabama rig), particularly in the later half of the year when north country bass are packing on the pounds. With just one hook and swim bait (Minnesota rig), this ‘finesse’ umbrella rig system allows him to cover expansive rocky areas without getting snagged. Having spent a considerable amount of time fishing this technique, Koenig shares his insights into choice of gear for this specific setup. A 7’4” medium-heavy, regular action rod, lighter than usual line, and a slower gear ratio reel is the perfect combination for optimal performance.

The use of advanced fish-finding technology helps Koenig breakdown Canadian shield lakes like this where fishable spots seem endless. Koenig showcases the power of forward-facing sonar with TargetLock and MEGA 360 imaging to locate fish and maximize his chances of success. You’ll witness live-action as he spot-locks the boat, staying off the fish and making repeated casts to tempt them. Koenig discusses the importance of watching your bait at all times. Having a gauge to where the bait is helps Koenig stay in the strike zone.