Sunset Marina on Dale Hollow Partially Burned Down in Fire

There are not a lot of details at this time but, Thursday evening August 10, 2023, the Sunset Marina on Dale Hollow Lake caught fire. Initial reports from eye witnesses said a houseboat was coming in too fast and struck one of the gas pumps which ignited the blaze. At least one full structure burned down. Reports have also said that possibly one of the employees sustained some serious burns in the blaze and was taken to a nearby hospital. Right now there are no confirmations on these reports from authorities as everything is still under investigation.

Two staff members, including the general manager Brad Richardson, were injured in the blaze. His quick action prevented more damage. A GoFundMe has been started to help with medical expenses.

“He was airlifted to receive care for burns he sustained while shutting off the emergency shut-off to the pumps. Brad is always there with a smile and a helping hand. He can use ours now,” the fundraiser reads.

Sunset Marina is one the most popular marinas on the storied fishery and a very popular destination for both locals and vacationers. Reports said the blaze was controlled before it burned down the restaurant but that smoke damage may still make it a total loss. We’ll update more details as authorities relay information.

Firefighters trying to control the blaze before it spreads to adjacent buildings. Photos via Aaron Milbourn Facebook


Blaze after being controlled by fire department / Photo by Aaron Milbourn Facebook