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Sufix Performance Braid Review

It is hard to fish around heavy vegetation and thick cover without a quality braided line. I am a big believer in using braided line and I have experimented with it for a long time. For the last few years, I have become very fond of Sufix Performance Braid. 4 characteristics make it an outstanding selection for all of your heavy cover frogging and flipping needs.

  • Strong
  • Supple
  • Long lasting
  • Thin

Incredibly strong

Every time I use Sufix Performance Braid, I become more impressed with its strength. Although some braided lines are advertised as 65-pound test, I have had my heart broken a lot of times. Performance Braid may be the strongest braided line I have used. Whether I am slinging a frog into the slop or punching grass mats, I can honestly say I have never had a break off with this line.

I absolutely love to flip heavy cover, and this stuff gives you the ability to absolutely let loose on big bass. Don’t worry about breaking it—I highly doubt you will be able to.

Your knots won’t slip with Performance Braid, either. Just to be sure, I will always leave about 1/2-inch of tagline when I tie a knot, but thankfully I have never needed that extra line. Your tagline will be the same length at the end of the day as it was in the beginning. Talk about peace of mind.

Very soft and manageable

When you first spool your favorite frogging or flipping reel with Sufix Performance Braid, it’s going to be a little stiff, but don’t worry. After a half-day of fishing, it softens up very nicely and becomes extremely manageable.

Whenever you make a long cast on braided line and it catches on itself, it’s almost enough to rip the rod from your hands. I haven’t had any problems with Performance Braid digging into itself on the spool. Even after a hard hookset on a big bass, you won’t have to constantly strip braid off the spool to avoid digging—just keep on catching fish.

Some braided lines like to kink, making knot tying cumbersome and obnoxious. Sufix Performance Braid bends and twists whichever way you need it to go, which is extremely helpful when attaching it to filler line or a fluorocarbon leader.


Lasts for a really long time

I’ve had 50-pound Sufix Performance Braid on one of my flipping reels for over a year and it still works very well, and I am still catching fish on it. Some anglers may cringe when I say that, but I am still not noticing any weak spots of fraying.

Braided line can get pretty expensive, so if you are a big heavy cover angler, you can definitely appreciate the advantages of a long-lasting braid.

Thin line diameter

Not only is Performance Braid strong, it is also very thin. 20-pound Performance Braid is equivalent to 6-pound monofilament line, making it a great selection for finesse techniques such as drop shotting and shaky head fishing. It casts very well and will give you a lot more sensitivity when compared to a straight monofilament of fluorocarbon setup.

When I throw a topwater frog, I prefer using the 65-pound Performance Braid. With a monofilament equivalent of 17-pounds, I am able to sling it a really long way so I can get my frog to the fish without spooking them.

I suggest trying a spool of Sufix Performance Braid. Whether you are a finesse angler looking for added sensitivity or an avid frogger of flipper looking for strength, I believe you will be impressed. It is performed excellently for me.

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