Sufix New Braided Line

Sufix has two new braids for 2010.
New for 2010 are Sufix Stretch Braid, a 6% stretch enhanced  braid the allows for cushion on hook sets and Sufix Performance Fuse, a thermally fused braid with a super high weave count that is a more rounded line and casts great.
Sufix Stretch Braid has the diameter of 10 pound mono in the 30 pound class and uses a Dyneema/Dacron blend to add a little stretch for powerful hook sets. Sufix has also added an enhanced color protection feaure that maintains original color longer. It provides the sensitivity of braid and the forgiveness of mono.
Sufix Performance Fuse is a thermal bonded line that is so smooth you will think you are casting mono but with the toughness of braid. Fuse has virtually zero stretch and has superior tensile and knot strength. You can set the wood to the bass with this line. The 14 pound offering has the dimension of 6 pound mono.
We suggest tying a polymar knot on both of these lines to increase their effectiveness.
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