Shimano to Distribute and Sell Jackall in North Am

Jackall Lures and Shimano have entered into a strategic partnership where Shimano will handle distribution, sales and marketing for Jackall products in North America. The partnership is set to begin Jan. 1, 2013 and will funnel products through Shimano’s Irving, Calif. distribution center. The partnership should improve availability of Jackall products in major retailers across the United States and Canada.

“This is an ideal strategic partnership for both Shimano and Jackall in the North American fishing tackle market,” said Carey Graves, Shimano’s fishing division vice president. “Our challenge is growing the Jackall brand and product presence among key bass tackle retailers, and expanding our rod-reel-line-lure tackle system approach to bass fishing techniques.”

Toshiro ‘Ty’ Ono, company president, along with noted Japanese lure designer and company chairman Seiji Kato started Jackall in 1999, and began selling lures into the North American market in 2003. “While this new agreement will be a solid benefit for both our companies, it will be bass anglers throughout North America who will benefit the most from this relationship,” said Ono. “Tackle dealers will become more aware of our lures, and will be able to stock the right models, sizes and colors most effective for the bass fishing waters in their areas.”

This is the second such partnership between the two companies. Jackall’s parent company partners with Shimano in Japan to design and manufacture rods for their Japanese markets.

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