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Pliers and Snips are Essential Boat Tools

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, Russ Lane here at Wired2Fish. One of the sponsors that I have had now for a couple of years, is Boomerang Tool Company, man they make a great set of pliers (the GRIP) and they also make the braid SNIP’s that everyone loves and they have gotten to be really popular. They are a great value, really light and some of the features that they have are interchangeable tips that you can unscrew and change them out if they ever wear out and also the cutting blades, you can also change those out. Super light, really strong, they work good and we even have a smaller pair. I think they are in the $25 dollar range, comparable to some other pliers; they are as good as these out on the market; that’s a great deal.
There is also the SNIP tool that everybody has gone crazy over and this thing, ya know if you are fooling with braid, it really cuts it super clean and super easy. It’s a neat tool, everybody is excited about this. It’s about $9 dollars, I believe, without a light and about $12 dollars with a light. This one has a light. This pair has been riding with me all year long on the Elite Series so it’s made the whole journey and it still cuts braid like butter. It also has the signature boomerang with a lanyard on it so you can’t lose it, hook it to your belt loop and it will come back to you just like a boomerang.

Anyway, neat tools from Boomerang Tool Company. You can go to their website or contact me at and I will show you how to get you a pair.