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Plano CDS 3960

Plano has set the bar for tackle storage for years. Well known pro’s like Kevin VanDam, Great for hard baits because  of angled and straight dividers, a strong customized fit and 4 super strong latches it also makes a perfect box for terminal tackle for the same reasons. The corrosion resistant pinned hinges are rugged and the clear lid makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.
We use our Plano CDS-X 3960 boxes  for weights, hooks and rattles. In the past we also have used the Tackle Logic Bag System for terminal tackle but found the new CDS works much better. Storing weights and hooks is a quandry at times. Moisture can be an enemy and other boxes we have tried also allowed things to get very unorganized quickly when the box was placed on its side or turned over. Not the CDS Stowaway. Items stay secure in both the hard and divider sections and because it has a smooth surface on the top and side we could also easily label the box for quick access. We also store swimbait and frog hooks  plus toothpicks and wacky rig rings in the same box.
The four latches were a big difference for us as well. Weights and hooks are heavy and  single and even double latch systems could easily open and the results were the same  as putting them in a Ziplock bag. What a mess. The latches are positioned correctly too as two are on the side and two on the front of the box and unlatch from the bottom of the box. The lid tightly fits against the box and even if shook the hooks, weights and rattles stay in place.
The box is sturdy and tough  and because the lid is clear it makes selection easy. It stores easy in boats compartments or because we move our tackle around from boat to boat the Guide Series Elite Bags are perfect for it as well. Make sure you mark each box with what is inside!
We have two boxes set up for terminal tackle. One for Texas rigging and one for Carolina Rig materials. The Carolina Rig Box houses swivels,  beads, larger weights; both tungsten and lead, and thin wire hooks for rigging lizards, creature baits and worms. We easily placed swivels by size in smaller sections and utilized the larger sections for weights. We did the same thing with beads. Glass, metal, brass and force beads all have a separate section.
The dividers and slots  in this box are beveled and allow for a tight fit.
We use the Plano CDS-X 3970 for crankbaits and traps. Its larger size accommodates more product.
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