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Pending World Record Spotted Bass Caught

Lou Ferrante loves to fish tournaments. He probably loves them a little more after this weekend when he landed what will probably end up being the world record spotted bass weighing 10.95 pounds while fishing the Great Basin Bassers tournament on Bullards Bar Reservoir in Northern California. The small reservoir is nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills about 80 miles northeast of Sacramento, Calif. And is known to local anglers as one of the top fisheries to catch a trophy spotted bass if not the next world record.

Ferrante weighed the fish on the tournament scales at 11.20 pounds. But the scales weren’t certified so he looked for a place to weigh the fish on his travels home to Sparks, Nev. with certified scales because he thought he might have the world record fish. The fish is now pending certification with the IGFA as the official world record. If it stands, it will eclipse the former world record spotted bass caught by Keith Bryan last year.

The huge spot caught by Ferrante fell for a Yamamoto grub on a darter head in 20 feet of water. We’ll update more information as it becomes available. Here’s a better look at the fish and the angler. Click the picture to see a larger view.