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Opportunities Remain for Evinrude Demo Tour

Evinrude is proud of their outboard motors and in order to share their newest creations with boaters nationwide, they’re taking them on a demo tour that’s receiving rave reviews thus far. The Wired2Fish editorial staff had an opportunity to participate in the first event and we were thoroughly impressed by the performance of the new outboards. The acceleration, handling and top speed resulted in white knuckles and ear-to-ear grins for our crew.

Fortunately, there are three events left in the month of September. If an event is being held within a reasonable drive from your area, take the time to take a test drive. You owe it to yourself.

There is no cost to participate in the event and registered participants 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license may test drive the boats. Participants 14 years or older are permitted to be on board the demo boats.

Rain or shine, bring your family and friends and be prepared for a good time! For more information and registration details, visit

Remaining Evinrude Demo Tour Dates: 

September 7-9 | Lake St. Clair | Detroit, Mich.
September 14-16 | Spring Lake | Grand Rapids, Mich.
September 21-23 | Lake Minnetonka | Minneapolis, Minn.