New Platform Launched to Connect Brands and Outdoor Influencers (link) announced the launch of its new platform for connecting outdoors enthusiasts and their social followings with brands. It was built to give outdoor enthusiasts more options to earn income and brands a better chance to connect with the outdoor audience. With the increased success of influencer marketing, the team at created a simple platform to use and remove barriers to connect creators and brands. 

  • For creators, handles the payment processing, fees, taxes, mediation, and more. No more chasing multiple 1099’s; all filings are on in one place. Plus, you control your prices, when you work, and how much you want to work. Your storefront is yours to control. 
  • For brands, handles the payment process and only releases the payments once the brand and creator agree the arrangement is complete. Search the platform for the right partner or place an open offer. You do business your way. 

“We are committed to creating a quality platform that everyone can benefit from.” 

Additional features include purchasers-only rating systems, saving your favorite creator’s pages for quick access, all communication on a purchase is stored with that order in your account, analytics for creators, and so much more. For more information, visit their website.

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