Mustang Survival Acquired by Safariland Group

The Safariland Group (the “Company”), a leading manufacturer of protective products and equipment primarily for law enforcement and the military, has acquired Mustang Survival and its related entities, Mustang Survival Inc. and Mustang Survival Mfg., Inc. (collectively, “Mustang Survival”).

Mustang Survival is the North American market leader in lifesaving equipment for recreational, military, law enforcement and industrial users in the marine and aviation environments. For more than 45 years, Mustang Survival has been transforming innovative ideas and technologies into high-quality and practical lifesaving products such as inflatable personal flotation devices, flotation clothing, dry suits, anti-g suits and a wide range of products to protect serious users in extreme environments.

“We are excited to be bringing together two companies that are both committed to saving lives as a part of their core mission,” said Scott O’Brien, president of The Safariland Group. “Mustang Survival’s history of lifesaving marine and aviation equipment has presented unique growth opportunities for our company, especially as we aim to broaden our suite of products that help save lives.”

The Safariland Group, acquired by an affiliate of Kanders and Company, Inc. in July 2012, is globally expanding its current brands while pursuing acquisitions aligned with its mission of “Together, We Save Lives.” Mustang Survival represents the Company’s first acquisition in the marine and aviation industries.

Here’s a quick Q&A with the folks at Mustang about the acquisition:

Q: What does this mean for me as a Mustang Survival customer?

A: The short answer is business as usual. Very little will change in our daily operations. As a customer, you will continue to do business with Mustang Survival as you always have.

Q: Will Mustang Survival be consolidated or merged into The Safariland Group?

A: Mustang will become part of The Safariland Group which currently represents 20 different brands. However, Mustang Survival as a brand and as a company will continue as a free standing business under the new ownership.

Q: What is the official company name?

A: Mustang Survival’s company name will not change, although you may begin to see references to our new owner on our website, invoices and presentations. We will now be a proud member of The Safariland Group, which is a trade name of Safariland, LLC.

Q: Who is running the business?

A: Our current executive team led by 24 year Mustang veteran Jim Hartt will continue to drive all aspects of Mustang Survival’s business operations.

Q: Will the Mustang Survival brand or logo change?

A: No, The Safariland Group is committed to preserving Mustang’s highly respected brand and the long history of quality and performance that stands behind it.

Q: Will the manufacturing or distribution locations change?

A: Mustang will continue to manufacture and distribute products out of its BC and WV facilities.


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