Mustang Survival Offering Wired2fish Fans 15% Discount

With the COVID-19 outbreak and so many folks needing to cut costs, Mustang Survival is offering Wired2fish fans 15% off and free shipping on any order through the end of April, and the offer may even get extended past that.

To order, visit, and at checkout, use the code WIRED2FISH15 to receive an additional 15% off your purchase. They are also offering free shipping. We’ve been reviewing their new Taku rain gear and Torrens Thermal mid layer jacket and love both. Incredibly quality light weight gear that protects from the elements and keeps you warm and dry. 

Currently the offer is set to end at the end of April but they may extend it to help more people save on quality safety gear like inflatable and standard foam PFDs, rain gear and warm gear for anglers and boaters.